Legacy is one of our younger horses and the clown of the herd. He had a rough start as a foal.  After he was born, his mom rejected him, meaning she refused to care for him. He was all but orphaned by her. We juggled how to care for him while still establishing healthy boundaries. Once he was old enough, he was able to hang out with one of our senior horses and learn very important horse behaviors. You see, when horses are orphaned, they miss out on really important social skills that their moms would have taught. If they don’t learn these skills, life can be really tough for them. Thankfully, we had a very patient and kind stand in horse “mom” to teach him. Legacy has been started under saddle, and he is in training to become one of our main riding horses.

FUN FACT : Legacy is a third generation at the farm!  His mom is Miracle and his grandma is Babe. 


BREED: American Paint Horse

COLOR: Grulla

GENDER: Gelding

AGE:  Born in 2015

HEIGHT: 15.3