Horseplay has several horses, as well as some other farm animals, that youth may get to interact with while they are here.  Each of the horses on the farm have come from different backgrounds and have unique personalities and, therefore, have different ways of interacting with the youth.  Click on the pages to learn more about each of our horses. 



At Horseplay we believe that God is the only true healer of a broken heart, because He is the one who created us.  He is the only one who can fill the holes that pain and hurt leave behind, restoring us to a new life filled with hope and change.  

The horses at the farm are merely tools that we use to aid in walking alongside youth who are struggling and pointing them to the hope they can have in Jesus.

God created horses to act as mirrors to what we have going on inside our hearts.  Because they are both prey and herd animals, horses are really good at picking up on cues from other horses, as well as from humans.  

Even when youth try to conceal what is going on in their hearts, horses are able to pick up on it and respond accordingly (often displaying similar behavior).  

This gives youth a very visible and hands-on picture of what they are feeling. What can be an abstract and hard-to-understand emotion becomes very visible and clear so the youth can recognize it and begin to deal with what is going on in their heart.