Cool was one of our first horses here at the ranch.  The most amazing thing about her is her willingness to move out of her past and into her new life here.  At some point in her background, Cool's trust with people was broken. When she first arrived, letting people close and feeling secure with people was a huge struggle. But with time she has learned to trust again. She is such a great example to our youth that your past doesn’t have to be your future. She helps teach kids the importance of learning to trust again and allowing the right people in to help teach you how to heal and grow. Her story is a great picture for us to give as an example of how, with God’s help, our hearts can heal and our pasts can be weaved into something positive and useful for our future. 

FUN FACT:  Cool has one blue eye and one brown eye.





This is our little Miracle.  She was Babe's filly and well worth the wait. She has beat all of the odds and made it here.  All the kids are in love with her and God is using her story to help many young people.  We are so excited that she is here. 

FUN FACT: Miracle is the second of three generations on the farm.  She is the mom of Legacy, and she has an incredible story that you can read about on the Stories Page.  




Legacy is one of our younger horses and the clown of the herd. He had a rough start as a foal.  After he was born, his mom rejected him, meaning she refused to care for him. He was all but orphaned by her. We juggled how to care for him while still establishing healthy boundaries. Once he was old enough, he was able to hang out with one of our senior horses and learn very important horse behaviors. You see, when horses are orphaned, they miss out on really important social skills that their moms would have taught. If they don’t learn these skills, life can be really tough for them. Thankfully, we had a very patient and kind stand in horse “mom” to teach him. Legacy has been started under saddle, and he is in training to become one of our main riding horses.

FUN FACT : Legacy is a third generation we've had at the farm!  His mom is Miracle and his grandma is Babe. 





Deja is such a sweet girl.  She has a wonderful personality and not afraid of anything!  She is such a joy to ride and just the right size for our kids.  A wonderful family donated her to our program.  They wanted her to make a difference in kids' lives and she has become such wonderful part of our team.  

FUN FACT: Deja is excellent at being able to "mirror" kids' attitudes. 








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Samson is our lap dog wanna-be. He's a sweetheart and quite the escape artist. When he came to us, he wasn't sure what boundaries were. He didn't understand that people had personal bubbles and might not want him standing over top of them. He can be very unsure of himself or what he needs to do in a situation as a result. Because of his lack of understanding, he craves structure and boundaries. He is an excellent teacher to our youth in this regard. He can show them what it looks like to establish new boundaries and have confidence in them. Samson is like a giant puppy, and he has one of the most kind and tender hearts.

FUN FACT : Because of his size, "Samson" is named after a man in the Bible who was known for his strength. 





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Clyde is a miniature horse. He came to us from a situation where he was neglected and left behind. When we got him, he didn’t trust people and hadn’t been taught even the basic human handling skills. After being here for 9 years, you would never know he came to us untrained. He is an old pro at handling and horsemanship. He has been used for many outings and petting zoos with us and he even knows how to pull a cart!  








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