Cool was one of our first horses here at the ranch.  The most amazing thing about her is her willingness to move out of her past and into her new life here.  At some point in her background, Cool's trust with people was broken. When she first arrived, letting people close and feeling secure with people was a huge struggle. But with time she has learned to trust again. She is such a great example to our youth that your past doesn’t have to be your future. She helps teach kids the importance of learning to trust again and allowing the right people in to help teach you how to heal and grow. Her story is a great picture for us to give as an example of how, with God’s help, our hearts can heal and our pasts can be weaved into something positive and useful for our future. 

FUN FACT:  Cool has one blue eye and one brown eye 


BREED:  American Paint Horse

COLOR:  Bay and White


AGE:  Born in 2000

HEIGHT:  15.3