Sadie and Clyde


Sadie and Clyde are primarily used for petting zoos and with some of our younger kids.  

Sadie is a miniature donkey.  She is sweet, loving, and kind. She came to our ranch 8 years ago, and it hasn't been the same since. Her gentle disposition brings joy and quiet to any situation. Her calm and collected nature makes her one of our go-to horses for petting zoos and our younger, smaller youth. She's even been used for a nativity scene in the past!  However, do not let her small size and gentle heart fool you, she can still be quite the stubborn donkey. Her stubbornness is most evident when she's with her best friend, Clyde, one of our other mini horses. The two are practically an old married couple when together. She may be small, but her personality all but makes up for it.Clyde is our miniature horse.  H

Clyde is a miniature horse. He is Sadie’s other half. The two of them act like an old married couple and they are always together. Clyde came to us from a situation where he was neglected and left behind. When we got him, he didn’t trust people and hadn’t been taught even the basic human handling skills. After being here for 9 years, you would never know he came to us untrained. He is an old pro at handling and horsemanship. He has been used for many outings and petting zoos with us and he even knows how to pull a cart!