Haziel: "God Sees"

The colt had been named long before it had been born.  Sired from stock of impressive blood lines, both the mare and the stallion breeding were offered with great expectation that an exceptional offspring would result. Everything went as planned until the day came for the mare to deliver.  The foal was in the wrong position and the mare struggled to bring forth that little life.  The initial hurdle was cleared, but others soon followed.  The mare rejected the newly born colt, kicking at his attempts for nourishment.  His low immunity level called for a transfusion.  The ungainly colt lacked in size, beauty and health, even for a newborn.  The only thing this colt did not lack was trouble and disappointment.  With the best laid plans the attending vet, breeder, and owners were left to ponder as to why.

The name long-ago given the colt was Haziel.  It is the Hebrew word meaning “God Sees”. While no person could foresee Haziel’s particular set of circumstances, God could.  He saw Haziel concealed in the darkness of his mother’s womb and determined to use him.  God was going to use Haziel to tell His own story.  It is in all actuality a story about God.   We see at present, but often it is not until the present becomes past that we are able to perceive.   We go through life with struggles, pain and rejection.  We too lack in ability, strength and wisdom.  Sometimes we get headed in the wrong direction or quite simply end up in the wrong position at the wrong time.  No life woven into such intricate scenarios is immune to the struggles or their disappointments.   Neither should we be blind to what God is revealing to us through them.

God does indeed see, but like these first dramatic stages of Haziel’s life, that is just the beginning.  He then longs for, reaches out, and woos His broken world.   He heals the sick, gives strength to the weak, accepts those who have been rejected, restores relationships, and turns trials into victories.  He has done all these things for an awkward sickly colt.  How much more does He long to do the same for us?

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11